Letter sent 24/6/2010
'I watched a programme 'This Morning' on ITV and they covered heart attacks, it recommended buying as ASPOD. I bought some straight away after the programme. On Saturday night my husband showed signs of a heart attack. We were in a hotel in a strange town but I knew I had aspirin in the key ring holder. I gave them to him straight away. The ambulance came and I explained what I had done. They told me that the action I had taken may have saved his life and I explained where I had got the advice from. The doctors present highly praised my actions and ˜This Morning" for sharing the advice. The A&E doctor thought the product was fantastic as 95% of the time you have your house/car keys with you where ever you go. I would like to thank you on behalf of myself and my family. He is making a good recovery and suffered no damage to the heart muscle as a result of the aspirin, he is now home and has been told he should hopefully make a full recovery.'

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